Rolling Meadows Farm
Rolling Meadows Farm is located in Northeast Georgia, in the foothills of
the Appalachian Mountains.  Our love, respect and admiration of all
horses has led to our decision to develop a breeding program that anyone
would be proud of.  We have studied and spoken at length with some of
the most successful APHA breeders in the United States.  In listening to
their successes and challenges, their pursuits of the most exquisite
bloodlines, we have been given an incredible gift.  We have been given
the gift of their knowledge and experience.  What they have spent years
cultivating, we have  incorporated into the development of our breeding

Our goal is to produce quality foals that exhibit correct conformation,
agility, athleticism, and kind, trainable, dispositions.  Our bloodlines
  • Color Me Smart
  • QT Poco Streke / Pepsi Poco
  • Smart Little Uno / Smart Little Lena
  • Peppy San Badger
  • Lenas Diamond Chex / Doc Olena / Docs Sug
  • Hollywood Jac 86
  • Tuff Black Panter
  • Drum N Up Spots
  • Flying Storm Kite
  • Delta Flyer / Delta
  • Movin to the Music

*** UPDATE ***  While we are proud of our APHA breeding program, we
have given much thought to the direction we are traveling as we are
getting older.  Since we've gotten older, we have spent less time taking in
shows and compeitions, and are looking forward to spending more time
trail riding and camping with our horses.  As a result, we have decided to
drastically reduce our APHA breeding  program.  We are offering some  
amazing horses/ bloodlines at reasonable prices.